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25 May 2015 @ 03:27 pm
Any questions or requests from authors please contact me at my twitter (@minseokpls) or my tumblr (andppeggy.tumblr.com)
10 October 2014 @ 04:02 pm
And we are done!

clickCollapse )
09 October 2014 @ 05:57 pm
Title: Your Eyes Look Like Coming Home
Rating: pg-13
Length: 8.8k
Side pairings: Chen/Liyin, Sehun/OC, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Lay/Luhan
Notes: First of all, shout out to the mod for being so kind and patient with me throughout this entire process; you’re the real MVP. Secondly, thank you to M, C, and N for literally holding my hand and cheering me on this entire time. This fic wouldn’t have made it to its dubious end without you. ♥

Summary: Minseok come home for summer holiday to find some things have changed—namely, Jongin, the boy across the street.

Minseok flies into Incheon on a Sunday afternoon and gets off the plane more than a little exhausted.Collapse )
09 October 2014 @ 05:42 pm
Title: Come a Little Closer
Rating: PG-13 (language and suggestion of sex)
Length: 3.9k
Side pairings: Sehun/Luhan
Warnings: Genderbend characters
Notes: A million thanks for the patience of the mods. You guys were super kind even when I was struggling! I apologize to the prompter, as I strayed very far from the prompt, but I hope you enjoy it, nonetheless~

Summary: a/b/o!au. Minseon falls in love between morning texts.

Why....haven't we met in real life?Collapse )
Title: How To Catch a Thief (And Decide if You Want to Keep Him)
Rating: PG-13
Length: 11k
Notes: This was an interesting prompt to write (although it ended up being a lot longer than I was expecting ;; ). I hope it follows roughly what you were looking for!

Summary: Inspector Kim Minseok has to balance his search for the jewel thief KAI with the stresses of taking care of four lazy subordinates and his relationship with a dancer named Kim Jongin.

The card is sitting on her desk when she gets to work.Collapse )
05 October 2014 @ 08:29 pm
Title: Minus the Amortentia
Rating: PG
Length: 7.1k
Side pairings: Tao/Sehun
Notes: Thank you to O and Y for being my last minute angels and to my angel C who stuck by all my whining and indecisiveness. ♡

Summary: Harry Potter AU. Minseok's last year at Hogwarts is coming to an end and Jongin doesn't have much time left. Jongdae and Sehun are there to speed things along.

Potions class had finally ended and all Jongin really wanted to do was crash back in his bed and nap for the next three years.Collapse )
05 October 2014 @ 02:39 pm
Title: Hotline Help
Rating: PG-13 (swearing)
Length: 1.1k
Warnings: Topic of suicide is slightly covered
Notes: I wanted to make this fic WAY longer than it was supposed to be, but I couldn't due to a number of reasons. I also initially wanted to take this fic into way more serious territory but the prompter wanted crack, which I have come to find I am really bad at, so that's why I wrote it like this. Hopefully this was enough to cover the basics of what the prompter asked for. Sorry if it isn't what you wanted! Also, please do understand that I do not take the topic of suicide lightly or jokingly, my writing does not reflect what I truly feel about it.

Summary: When Jongin can't make a decision he gets help from an unlikely place

Jongin looked at the reflection of himself in the full size mirror of the fitting room.Collapse )
05 October 2014 @ 02:14 pm
Title: I Want to be Loved by You
Rating: PG13
Length: 11K
Side pairings: Baekhyun/Tao
Warnings: 1920s lingo, fast feelings, an end with a question mark
Notes: I played with the prompt a wee bit to make it somewhat more logical to me, as if time travel if logical at all. This takes place in New York, U.S.A, so all the names are given name name followed by family name. Because of all the immigrants at the time, nicknames were often given based on nationality, job, or some trait, because not everyone could pronounce the name, otherwise. Minseok is called Kim or Minnie. Baekhyun is called Bun Bun. Chanyeol is called Park. Joonmyun is also Kim or Johnny Moon. Any name you don't recognize is most likely some filler person I made up.
There is no set date for when this takes place. It's mid-1920s.

Summary: Jongin buys a pair of shoes that, when he dances in them, sends him back to the 1920s, where he meets and falls in love with a jazz musician.

Totally on a whim, Jongin took a different route home from class.Collapse )
02 October 2014 @ 01:08 pm
Title: Dragontouched
Rating: PG-13
Length: 8.4k
Side pairings: Lay/Chen, slight Sehun/Luhan
Warnings: violence, possible disturbing imagery

Summary: In a world of magic and danger, Jongin is born as one half of a whole with his fate already written out for him. Now if only fate will cooperate.

In the valley between two mountains, tucked neatly inside a protective barrier of thick trees, is a village.Collapse )